Normanton Park Condos: A Haven For Nature Lovers

One of the things that a lot of nature lovers struggle with in terms of city life is the fact that they are surrounded by buildings. Everywhere they look is concrete and steel; concrete buildings, concrete roads, steel lamp posts, steel benches, steel cars, and so much more. For a nature lover, all the concrete and steel can be discouraging – no trees or greenery in sight. But luckily, there is still hope. Located in district 5 of Singapore is a haven for nature lovers to escape to – a place that they can call home that is filled with greenery and near a large park. Where is this place?

Taking In The Greens
This haven for nature lovers is none other than Normanton Park condominiums. It is located in Singapore 118998 in District 5. It was completed on 1977. Stepping into the vicinity feels like walking into a private sanctuary. You are rewarded with a picturesque skyline and privacy you won’t easily get anywhere else. But the best feature for nature lovers are the greenery the dot the property. It serves as the perfect escape from the stresses and pressures of every day life.

Apart from a pool, deck, gym, and multi-purpose hall, Normanton is near Kent Ridge Park. This means that if the greenery of the condo vicinity is still not enough for you, all you have to do is take a quick walk and you’ll end up at Kent Ridge Park. There you can enjoy all the greens you want, a bit of quiet, fresh air, and a view of the nice little Kent Ridge Park pond. After enjoying your stroll around the park, simply walk back home to the lush sanctuary of Normanton. The greenery and atmosphere of Normanton is really a perfect place for nature lovers, something that is hard to find in today’s city life.